Sunday, October 9, 2016

STEP ONE . . .

a Thrilling Grief Animation still of 1950s tv dinner
Many of my early sketchbook drawings later became THRILLING GRIEF comedy animations and appeared on cable television, but most just stayed in sketchbooks. Like me, weirdos somewhere might enjoy these left-over old sketches, here at . . .     
Gerry Lagendyk cartoon, drinking on an empty stomach
Gerry Lagendyk cartoon about socks
Eleven udders, a Gerry Lagendyk drawing
Gerry Lagendyk cartoon, Ships that cross paths in the night
                         at a Toastmasters meeting . . .
  Gerry Lagendyk sketchbook notepad cartoon
I was waiting for the meeting to begin, and drawing while other people socialized.
Gerry Lagendyk sketchbook
According to this drawing I felt like a clumsy shy weirdo who wanted to run away.
Gerry Lagendyk color drawing of a human beer mug 
twas tween twelve and twenty twin twits dancing the twist, Gerry Lagendyk cartoon
Separate Vacations, a Gerry Lagendyk color cartoon about alien bagpipes
Cathy, a cartoon about seniors by Gerry Lagendyk

Gerry Lagendyk sketchbook cartoons
King of the Road, a Gerry Lagendyk color cartoon comic strip
It drives me crazy cartoon
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