Sunday, November 6, 2016

Cartoons are the lowest art form

restless eyebrows, funny eyebrows, crazy eyebrows
Cartoonists have restless eyebrows, a neurosis from inner comedy.
 Cartoons are the artworld's 
embarrassing cousin!
All men and women cartoonists
have one thing in common . . .
quintuple negative grammar cartoon
"Theirs is the lowest of the arts"
Marginally higher on the respect-heap 
are fine art painters . . .
artist on a pedestal cartoon by Gerry Lagendyk
Brave experimental painters seek and find truth
fine artist painter cartoon
The very finest artists only work when the mood strikes, unlike
those lowly commercial artists with their trashy 'deadlines' . . .
starving artist cartoon by Gerry Lagendyk
The truth is, painters starve as much as cartoonists do,
 craving the same elusive dignity and respect . . .
starving artist cartoon, Gerry Lagendyk
But back to cartoonists . . .
"Theirs is the lowest of the arts"



studying the craft...
how to draw a cartoonist, Gerry Lagendyk
1980 sketchbook
cartoon characters
Goofy Joe, an auditioning cartoon character
skulls of dead cartoonists, "The gradual effects of a lifetime of comedy". A cartoon by G Lagendyk

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